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Shipping cost below, don't apply to any of the following rocks.
Lucky Rocks Pins, Lucky Rock Cards or Team Lucky Rocks .
They are priced w/shipping except the $2.00 on Lucky Rock Cards.

Pic rockzz not Yet Available

on all other ROCK purchases, within the continental United States ONLY!

$4874.99 Paid in advance.
NO refunds or changes in accomodations as listed below.

These moneys will be used to ship you and one companion to the beautiful city of Tigerton, Wisconsin where you can personally see the Rocks you wish to purchase.

The above price includes, two days and two nights at the "Rock-A-Bye Inn" in Tigerton, Wisconsin.

Two days of dining at the "Rocks For Fun Cafe" in Tigerton, Wisconsin. Breakfast, Dinner and Supper (total 12 meals).

CLICK here for a tour inside the CAFE February 2007 (29 Photos)

Two Hundred dollars each or a (total of $400 cash) to donate or multiply at the "North Star Casino" in Bowler, Wisconsin.

Two rounds of Golf for two, at "Maple Hills Golf Course" in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, included are Two drinks of your choice during each round (total 8 drinks).

NOTE: You will be responsible for providing your own local transportation if you don't choose to use our Limo Service provided by "Gold Touch Limousine" from Mosinee, Wisconsin.

The Limo will pick you up and return you to the Mosinee Air Port, plus be available to you for 10 hours, each of two days. (total 20 hours of Limo service).

It will be your responsibility to package, pay for, and ship or transport any rocks that you might purchase when you decide to visit us.

I hope you found a chuckle in one of the many rock creations.   Rock-Index

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